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ROOFTOP CONCERT and MOVIE at the sunset 11th of August at 7pm

Do you like music from the 30s? Do you like rooftops in the summer? Do you like Czech beer and watching movies outdoors at the sunset? For the first time ever, pianist Drew Spradlin and I are performing beautiful jazzy songs by Gershwin, Rodgers, Porter and Weill on top of the roof of the Bohemian National Hall and you should be there with us! So put on your dapper clothes and join us! Welcome drink at 7pm Concert at 8pm

Movie Blonde Venus with Marlene Dietrich will be screened at the sunset! Tickets are available at the door for 15$ There is a limited seating so shoot me a message if you will run late that I can see if I can help to secure your ticket:) Here is a little teaser from the launch party

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