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As an MC I hosted conferences, concerts or even private parties. On top of that, I can sing some opera at your event, but I'm also not afraid to put on a costume of a strawberry or try to make over 1200 introverted programmers laugh with my "wannabe funny" jokes.

Singing reel

IIt´s like a mixed tape of things I love to sing.

love matters in czech music

IConcert at the Kennedy Center


Our short film we shot last summer with director Zac Murphy and pianist Drew Spradlin.

We brought a grand piano  in the New York Subway and performed our favorite songs...the reaction was so rewarding!!!

Checkpoint live in Prague

Short video from "Ruzny Svety" release party

My Funny Valentine and other jazzy tunes

Little bits and pieces from our concert at the Czech Center 





Checkpoint Band

Music video to a song "Superstar" directed by

Phaedra Cabaret

I"Song to the moon" by Antonin Dvorak from opera "Rusalka"

"Warning" writen and performed with Shanna Jones, Amada Wheeler and Jonathan Camuzeau

Checkpoint live

"Elegy" live from a festival in Vrchlabi

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