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Pavlina Horakova performed at Le Poisson Rouge with Sound Fly Sessions

"We met Pavlina Horakova from her project Libretto Metro, where she and a friend carried a grand piano into the New York City subway system and treated commuters to a heavy dose of opera on their way to work. Together, we decided we’d try something similar at this show—picking up where Evolfo left off by surprising the audience with Pavlina’s un-amplified opera voice.

Pavlina didn’t waste a second, grabbing the audience’s attention by walking in through a side door and bursting into Rachmaninov in the middle of the crowd. She worked her way to the stage while modern dancer Sarah Atkins performed a dance choreographed especially for Sessions, and Soundfly’s own Mahea Lee accompanied on piano.

Pavlina chatted to Joel about where she draws her inspiration, and to show that you can find your inspiration anywhere, she followed that up with her interpretation of a Czech pop song.

It was a nerve-wracking move throwing an Opera singer in the middle of a rock concert, but we’re happy to report the crowd was absolutely transfixed. Pavlina’s clear, powerful voice left the crowd speechless." review by ZOË YOUNG

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