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Pavlina Horakova and pianist Drew Spradlin filmed a documentary with an LA based director and producer Zac Murphy For the first time ever we brought a grand piano in the New York City subway and performed two concerts.

The MTA is not only a means for transportation for millions of travelers in New York, but it's also an underground stage for many artists and musicians. It's a space to share something beautiful and hopefully make a difference during a monotonous and repetitive ride to and from work.

The performances were shot and recorded underground in New York City's MTA stations. Our goal wasn't to busk to make a buck. We just wanted to bring strangers together and appreciate something beautiful. We didn't want to perform just with an electronic keyboard. We wanted a grand piano.

This project is an ongoing experiment to interrupt the daily grind with a grand piano, beautiful music, and great people. Although this repertoire is primarily classical, we plan to do more performances in unexpected places in the near future throughout New York City.

Please follow us on Twitter @LibrettoMetro to find out where we will be next!

Special thanks to Flyeyemedia for making it happen!


Project Creators:

Pavlina Horakova

Drew Spradlin

Zac Murphy


Special Thanks to our crew:

Sound Editor: Dustin Painter

Sound Recordist: Eric Underwood

Additional Photography: Rosa White, Santho Mohapeloa

Contributors: Jeremy Beazlie, Eric Underwood, Danielle Erin Rhodes, Lex Dunbar, Abdiel Vazquez, Maridee Slater


Very special thanks to people of the New York City for being so supportive and welcoming us with such an amazing energy that kept us going!


The Steinway grand piano was rented from Beethoven Pianos

Thank you for being so nice and accommodating. Everyone we worked with was so wonderful. The people in the store, piano tuner, who had to tune this grand piano under really tuff conditions and amazing, strong and fearless movers.

Thank you very much!


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